Thursday, January 31, 2013

January report

Well, I put on four warps, took off four warps and have four new scarves woven (and still in my possession).   Plus I taught a workshop (for 18 people, no less) and participated in a group exhibition at the UNB Art Centre.  So, I'm well on my way to my 2013 weaving goals even though the big picture looks a little different than I imagined.  The four warps off include the piece for the exhibition, another warp I started in 2012 and finished this month, the warp for the workshop that was actually woven by the students, and a new scarf warp, one scarf of which has already gone to its new owner to replace one she received as a Christmas gift but that didn't suit her (so I have that one back).  The four warps on were the one for the workshop, the new scarf warp mentioned above, and two more scarf warps which are currently on the looms, one of which is half woven and one of which is just begun.  The four new scarves are two pink-based ones from the Christmas lady warp, a black shawl from the 2012 warp and one currently woven though still on the loom.  Confused yet?  I'm writing it down for posterity - and so I'll remember when it comes time to do all my finishing for the fall shows.  I think I said one of my goals was to have 40 new scarves woven by the end of October, though I may just have said 20 warps - and there is a slight difference :)  So the current tallies are 5/40 new scarves woven (that includes the shawl, the one gone to its new home, the two pink ones ready for finishing, and the one woven but still on the loom), 2.5/20 new warps complete (if I count the one put on for the students, which is technically a profitable one since UNB is paying for the service, plus the pink one and the one that's half done but still in the works).  All for now.